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Prioritize your health

Expand your wellness horizons with one of our specialized treatments. In the true spirit of maika'i, release the stress of daily life in Northern Virginia and enhance your health. After all, health is beautiful.

Choose one or more of the services below to enrich your experience at Maika'i and encourage wellness in all aspects of life.


Let your stress melt away in our dry sauna. Far infrared sauna is useful for many health and beauty goals including skin rejuvenation, reduction in cellulite, softening scars on the skin, and reduction in joint, back and muscle pain

Avoid heavy meals for 2 hours prior.  Drink 4 ounces of water before entering and 8 or more after.  Jewelry should be removed. During the session you may want to wear athletic clothing or swimwear.  

60 min.



Alkalize your body for health with a relaxing foot soak. Dip your toes into a warm bath of Himalayan sea salt, charged with negative ions to encourage mineral absorption and optimized relaxation. 

Choose between the simple soak and an optional aromatherapy foot massage paired with this powerful alkalizing treatment.

30 min.



It can be hard to quiet our minds for a deep meditation. In fact, it takes years of practice to master the art. The BrainTap headset uses 5 technologies, including red and blue light to stimulate acupuncture points and binaural beats to ease you into a deep meditative state.


Beginner friendly. Choose between calming music or a fully guided meditation. 

20 min.



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