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Ask us about doTerra! 

Ready to relax?   This popular relaxation treatment is the perfect way to restore peace and quiet in your body and mind.  Experience ultimate relaxation after this treatment and leave feeling revitalized, ready to tackle anything your busy life may bring.  All massages applied with healing Kukui Nut Oil or Jojoba Oil.  Essential oils hand crafted in Hawaii are complimentary with relaxation massage.  

30 min - $50.00
60 min - $85.00
90 min - $125.00


A specialized clinical massage treatment is perfect for anyone seeking relief from sore aching muscles, chronic neck, back and shoulder pain.  Our highly trained licensed massage therapists focus on the source of your discomfort and work with your tissue to restore balance.  When you schedule a clinical massage we connect you with a therapist trained in clinical modalities who will follow your case specifically.   Find comfort with a soft tissue treatment customized to your unique needs. 

30 min - $60.00

60 min - $95.00

90 min - $135.00

Discounted packages of 6 available

Physical Therapist

Lomi lomi is the Hawaiian word for massage and is traditionally applied with long continuous flowing strokes.  The goal of a lomi lomi massage is to allow the recipient to relax, to give in to the gentle yet deep muscle work and to just be.  This massage will feel like  forearms dancing across your tired muscles.

60 min -$105.00

90 min - $145.00

Replenish your body with a soothing hot stone massage.  Himalayan sea salt stones are rich with natures minerals that become depleted with stress and exercise.  Detoxification is enhanced as the minerals transfer and are absorbed by your skin.  As the heated stones coax your muscles into soothing relaxation, circulation is restored and a light exfoliation nourishes the skin.

60 min - $130.00

90 min - $180.00 

IMG_6530 (2).JPG

Share the moment with someone you love.  Enjoy receiving massage in a beautifully decorated private room for you and another.   Two therapists treat you both at the same time for a shared experience.  Perfect for close friends, mother/daughter as well as lover.  Ease stress and unwind together.

60 min - 170.00
90 min - 250.00


Measure your stress levels, your overall health and track your improvement on your self care journey.  Receive a highly accurate report with a three minute test. Your results will be emailed to you for your records.


5 min - 25.00

HRV pic.jpg

Improve circulation to mother and child with a stress reducing massage.  Our skilled therapists are specifically trained to ease tension and address pregnancy needs during this delicate time.  They will gently knead away the aches so common with pregnancy while enhancing sleep and re-balancing her ener

60 min - $85.00

90 min - $125.00

Discounted packages of 3 and 6 available


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