Treat Chronic Pain

Treat Chronic Pain With Maika’i Wellness Center!

We can help you take back control of your body

If you come down to Maika'i Wellness Center, LLC, we can help you get control of your chronic pain, and take back control of your life in a major way. We are the number one Hawaiian massage facility in the Woodbridge area, and you are going to be thrilled with the results we help provide for you.


Everyone heals differently, and we know that

At Maika'i Wellness Center, LLC, we recognize that not all bodies are created equally. We want to give you all the body healing services you need to have a long lasting and successful victory over your chronic pain problems. Many services will just aim to help you get short term results for your insomnia, but not necessarily try very hard to set you up to keep that chronic pain far away from you. That is what sets us apart, and that is why our clients are so successful; we treat chronic pain in a meaningful and lasting way.  We get to the root cause of the pain and resolve it.  You will experience results at Maika'i Massage. 

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