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A great staff can make all the difference in the world

At Maika'i Wellness Center, LLC, we know that having a great staff is integral to the process of having a successful massage business. Thankfully, we have some of the finest staff members we could have asked for and they are all trained in SRT (spinal reflex therapy). We have set the bar very high when it comes to our standards of work quality and client interaction, but our staff members have no problem reaching that bar, and then promptly exceeding all our clients' expectations.

Our entire staff has been trained in SRT (spinal reflex therapy) personally by the director of SRT education for Spinal Reflex Institute, Itnl. in Durango Colorado.  What is SRT?  It is a soft tissue therapeutic technique based on European and American research that demonstrates how a wide variety of muscles will reflexively tighten up  as a reflex to annoying/painful joint stimulation in the spine.  This means you can injure your low back when lifting or bending and eventually develop  neck or upper back pain as a direct result of the low back injury.  SRT has brought together a variety of very famous research findings and made sense of the complex relationship that shows up once you have a trauma or insult to your back.  It triggers an unconscious and automatic firing of a specific set of muscles that will help you to escape the threat. Since it became active "unconsciously" you cannot think your way out of the muscle contractions.  Thankfully our staff is trained to recognize and address this reflexive contraciton.    Our staff members seamlessly combine talent, hard work, and great people skills together to form a truly fabulous customer experience. If you are looking for SRT in Woodbridge that will resolve your chronic pain properly, give Maika'i Wellness Center, LLC a call and schedule your appointment today, so you can start feeling great again!

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