Kou Ola Pono

Good Health 

     Aloha  and E Komo Mai (welcome!) Thank you for your interest in our Kou Ola Pono Membership.  Kou ola pono means good health and it is our intention to make achieving and maintaining good health convenient for you. 

     The importance of malama pono (take care/self care) cannot be over stated.  With all the stress we face in our Northern Virginia lifestyles it can be easy to let time slip by without any focus on self care.  This habit of  putting ourselves last is not only bad for us as individuals but it effects our relationships and our careers as we are unable to give 100%. ​When we are burdened with stress or distracted with muscle aches and tension headaches we cannot focus on family, friends or career.  We enjoy helping our guests reduce pain, increase energy and relieve stress however massage should not be a once in a while treat!  

     We have created this 6 month membership with the intention of assisting you to take time for yourself. 

Kou Ola Pono Benefits and Features:

  • One relaxation massage treatment monthly ($85.00 value)

  • One BrainTap session monthly ($55.00 value)

  • One Heart Rate Variability reading monthly ($25.00 value)

  • 12% discount on additional services scheduled during that month

  • 12% discount for your guests (with member present)

  • 12% discount on gift certificates

  • 6 month initial contract will roll over to a month to month with no cancellation fees after the first 6 months. 

  • 12 month contract entitles you to share your membership with one designated family member.  

Are you ready to commit to self care and better health?  Come visit Maika'i Massage and let us put your body on island time. 


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