This add on will enhance your full-body relaxation massage with the powerful benefits of 8 to doTerra pure essential oils and blends.  These oils were specifically chosen to to address the 4 most common causes of distress in the body.  They include inflammation, stress, immune system and pain.  These oils help to support  the body as it moves into a state of balance. 

  The oils used will be 

AromaTouch Blend which is known for it's calming and relaxing effects

doTerra Balance Blend for enhancing calmness and well-being.

doTerra Deep Blue Blend which may create a warming sensation on the skin

Lavender one of the best known essential oils for relaxation

Melaleuca or "tea tree oil" used for its cleansing properties

doTerra On Guard Blend which is used for cleansing properties as well as it's amazing scent. 

Pepperment which may promote increased energy and is considered an inviorating oil

Wild Orange added for it's ability to energize and revitalize


During this massage session a therapist will apply the essential oils listed above to your back and blend them with healing, therapeutic massage strokes.  You will experience all the benefits associated with a relaxing Swedish massage enhanced by the qualities of each oil.  


Want to know more??? Here is a link to doTerra's Aroma Touch technique with more information.  Aroma Touch Technique Home 

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