We are moving out of state! 

Our last appointment will be May 13th

Image by Christian Joudrey

With all the health challenges we face today paired with our fast-paced lifestyles, it can be a true challenge to take care of ourselves.


A decrease in well-being is often a slow subtle slide that we either don't notice or choose to ignore.  It may be that we just have a little less energy, or that common aches and pains seem to be more frequent, headaches come more often or we notice a little extra padding.  Taking time for a massage, to de-stress in a Sauna or boost digestion may be just the thing to put you back on track. 

Escape to Maika'i Wellness to recharge and take control of your  health.  

Location. Location. Location.

We have down-sized our business and are currently working out of a private home. Please call for address.

Private Residence, River Oaks Community